Guinness Showed us ‘Made of Black’ & Now they are Making Us a Part of it

In its continued commitment to celebrate young Nigerians for who they are, represent what they want and give them a voice, Guinness®, is moving to the next step of the Made of Black campaign.
It was an evening of fun and high energy as Guinness celebrates their made of black ambassadors, Olamide, Phyno and Eva on Saturday. Speaking at the media event, the Portfolio Marketing Manager, Guinness, Liz Ashdown, said Made of Black is more than an ad campaign, it is a movement. It’s about the people making bold choices, those who ask “why not”… those doing things their way and carving out a path for themselves.
She said Guinness is turning the camera around and focusing on the real made of black heroes in all walks of life across Nigeria starting with their own brand ambassadors. “We showed Nigeria made of black and now we will make you part of it by taking #madeofblack to the street and to the bars“.
Guinness believes that Olamide, Phyno and Eva have made a positive impact to the #madeofblack movement and wants to make them an even more pivotal part of the next phase; hence we are excited to be celebrating them.
Phyno is #madeofblack, because he dared to be different, he went where many could not succeed; standing up to pursue what he believed in; his dream and not wavering till he got it. Eva believes that women can achieve anything they set their minds to and she has demonstrated this by treading a path previously believed to be reserved for men. Eva is driven by her passion to be heard.
Olamide is a bona-fide game changer. This he has demonstrated not only in his style of music but in the utter dexterity with which he delivers his lines and the passion with which he pursues his career. Phyno, Olamide and Eva are definitely #madeofblack“.
Guinness is the most iconic beer in the world, the beer with more taste, more soul, more look. It is a beer that has always been proud to express itself in terms of quality and uniqueness. It is the beer made of more for people made of more.
This year, Guinness is taking every opportunity to ensure consumers have experiences made of more and opportunities to drink the beer made of more. Black is set to rule and take the centre stage in many major consumer passions including football.
The event, which held at Rhapsody, was an evening to celebrate Olamdie, Phyno and Eva, and showcase a cross section of real people that embody the spirit of being truly #madeofblack. The event included bold artistic performances including a skateboard and freestyle dance performance from the DNMT dance group and personalised graffiti portraits for the brand ambassadors by Osa7.
See photos from the event below:
Seyi Law & Host, Ehiz
Liza Ashdown being interviewed by Ehiz

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