[Photos] I Love Having Se.x , I Won’t Even Pretend About It, Everybody Loves Se.x – Didi Ekanem

Anyways, fast rising Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem has said she knows she has the biggest bum in Nollywood, in an interview with Vanguard newspaper. Didi says her bum has put her through crazy things like, people focusing more on her bum than her talent, like a day a mad man grabbed her bum and refused to let

go and of course how she tries her possible best to always use the bum well. She also says everyone loves sex and should be allowed to participate in the game as many times they want it in a day. I love se.x, I won’t even pretend about it, everybody loves se.x, she said.
Read excerpt below: –
How do you feel having one of the biggest bums in Nollywood?
It’s a good feeling and a wonderful one. But I won’t lie to you, as much as I love it so much, I just wish people would focus more on my talent than my bum. All the concentration out there is on my bum not my talent. I would honestly wish people to see me as a talented actress not a se.xy one. But my bum is not allowing people to see me deep down, to see the person and the talent.
Of course, in Jump and Pass, a guy tapped my a*s. If it has to be real, there’s nothing there, it’s just grabbing my bum. What’s the craziest thing somebody has done to you on its account? Craziest thing? A mad man actually grabbed my bum in public, while walking on the road. That’s like the craziest thing, what else can possibly be crazier than that? I was just passing, I wanted to get something and next thing, he just walked up to me and grabbed my bum from behind. When I turned, he was still holding it like a mad man and I screamed, I ran, left my shoes and everything. People just stood there and they were just laughing.
You are very flexible with your bum?
Of course, I use it very well
How often do you feel people should be having se.x?
As many times as you want; if you want to have it 100 times a day, good for you
You encourage it, you love it?
Who doesn’t love se.x? I’m not going to sit here and tell you I don’t like se.x. Everybody loves se.x; it is just natural so I’m not going to pretend I don’t like it. For me, I’m a very busy person so I don’t have that time to even enjoy it as much as I should or have it as much as I should.
But you still enjoy it when you have it?
Of course, anytime I have the time for it, of course, I do
What’s your favorite se.xual position?
Every position goes, as long as I can feel what I want to feel at that point in time. Every position is fine.

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