Kim Kardashian admits Kylie Jenner has dethroned her but…

We all guessed so,however,queen of the Kardashians,Kim has admitted sh has been dethroned by Kylie Jenner.
In a short clip posted to 18-year-old Kylie’s website, Kim says that for the time being, while she is pregnant, she has taken her place as she takes a break from the limelight.
However,Kim made it clear Kylie still needed a few more years to successfully overtake her.
In the video, the two sisters announce, ‘You’re in bed with Kim and Kylie!’
Kim  tells Kylie ‘Wait so I had some questions I wanted to ask you.’It’s about rumours,’
‘Why did Tyga call you his fiancee?’ ‘I was like dying to know.’
Looking relieved, Kylie explained:
 ‘He was making fun of an Instagram he posted 30 minutes before. He knew there was this guy who was on Instagram who was like “I don’t like nobody. I just play with my fiancee and my little dog.”‘
Kim then said:
 ‘How do you feel that you have dethroned me?Kylie blushed and tried to argue but Kim continued ‘I love it, I need some time off.”I mean honey let’s be real you gotta put in a few years before you actually dethrone me. But I want to pass on the baton to you. Who better to pass on the knowledge to? You guys I give her all the tricks. She is so like deserving. If I want to share my clothes, my tips, my glam squad it is to King Kylie.’
Kylie then called Kim a princess and it appeared to offend the reality star who said,
‘C’mon I moved passed being just a princess a long time ago!’

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