Ali Baba Wants to Know Who is More Eligible between a Woman that Works and another Who Doesn’t!

Ali Baba
Comedian Ali Baba shared an interesting experience on Instagram a couple of minutes ago.
According to him, in the past week he has met two ladies – one who is working and another who isn’t – and he shares how people reacted to these two women in very different ways.
Read his post below.
So yesterday, I learnt somethings from two very beautiful ladies.
One of them was of the opinion that she is beautiful enough to be sought after by any man. She, I must admit, is proportionately sexy. Everything in the right place, plus some extra quantity. She was at some place I went to see the big man she was there to see too. Saw her taking selfies as she waited. She had come in a chauffeured Lexus RX. Adorning and carrying a lot of expensive things. So, when she realized who I was, we took a picture and as we gisted, I asked what she did for a living. As in where does she work.
She replied she doesn’t work for now there are no jobs. And everything is man know man. And asked what does it matter. “Ali be honest, ‘all the whole’ girls marrying big boys in lagos are they all working?” In her view, any man that wants a lady who is working before he will decide to marry her is a gold digger. I am not looking for that kind of guy. Men buy houses for babes in this Lagos. Mine won’t be different. Wetin those girl get wey I no get?” (paraphrasing)…
Fast forward to another meeting yesterday. Met another lady, she is in charge of planning a 70th birthday. Not the event planner, but she heads the committee. Badagry girl. 7 digit salary, lawyer, MBA, beauty pageant pretty, no extras, C-cup things, no hips, real hair, well dressed, obviously a cultivated taste, well spoken, well read and seemed independent. After our meeting, the event planner, a lady, said she was too full of herself.
Then one of the guys in the meeting had reservations about how she was too forward and too opinionated. Told him of the other lady and asked, which of the 2 ladies I encountered, who would he marry.
His reply, “Who wan marry this over Sabi?” (But maybe it’s because she cut his 2.6m quote to 1.4m and while he was still haggling, she called someone, put him on speaker, he agreed to do his job for 1.2m).
So I ask again. A woman who is working and a woman who is not, who is more eligible?
PS: I apologize for the details of this write up. I have gotten calls from the parties involved. But I think unless they talk no one knows who I talked about. But all said I mean well. Pardon my post.

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