90% Of Nigerian Artistes Know Nothing About Music - Daniel Wilson

Ace reggae singer, Daniel Wilson (aka Mr. Ragamuffin) has cried out to the poor state of the Nigerian music industry of today, saying it is not the industry he grew up knowing.


According the the singer, he has taken a survey of the industry and discovered that 90 percent of the music artistes, knows nothing about Nigerian music.

In his words: “Music can mean anything to anybody, but I dare say, I grew up listening to the best Nigeria had to offer, what I listen to these days break my heart. Times without number I sit down and ask a couple of young musicians I meet, what they know about music in Nigeria, which artist did what, and I dare say, 90 percent of the musicians of these generation lack a proper historical knowledge of the industry, how can you talk of building a better industry and hope to be celebrated when you don't even celebrate those who was there before you."

He further said:

“As children we danced to great singers like Evi Edna Ogoli, Daniel Wilson , Mike Okri , The great Majek Fashek, Lijadu Sister, Monomono, Bala Miller, Blackky Inyang. But it’s funny how the American's will appreciate our past better than us, Sample and repackage what was ours and sale to us.

A lot of hiphop artists from the Wu tang clan, to Jay Z have sampled our sounds, not because they want sale in Africa but because our sound is a sound very pure, genuine and original. Wonder why Wizkid's Ojuelegba is the biggest sound to come out of Nigeria in 2015? listen to it again and tell yourself the truth,” he said.

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