NEMA, BBOG Group To Collaborate On IDPs

Some-female-IDP’s-receiving-relief-package-by-NEMA-at-Gulak.The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has written to the #BringBackOurGirls group, seeking ways of collaboration to assist the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).
The coordinator of the BBOG, Abubarka Yusuf, while making the letter available to the group, noted that this is in reaction to the requests made when it visited NEMA.
While charging members of the group which would be interacting with NEMA to be cooperative and supportive, Yusuf noted that the group will be accepting this offer since its advocacy has always been about the Chibok girls, and the IDPs.
“Let us try and work together with them. It is in line with another phase of our advocacy. We need to put in our best. Our availability and time is very important. It is a good thing we are getting this type of opportunity. There are many things we have to deal with and prepare for the task ahead,” Yusuf noted.
The group, which is re-strategising for the next stage of its advocacy after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari last week, noted that this collaboration will also aid its activities with the IDPs.
According to the group, “We are in the second stage of our campaign, which involves a whole lot of engagements and advocacy. We did not also limit our advocacy to the Chibok girls. We also talked about IDPs and refugees. The letter from NEMA is a vindication of what we have been calling for.
“We have been advocating for the Chibok girls and had advocated for many other things. We have gone to NEMA to visit them and present the position of the movement to them. We are glad that they have acknowledged that we have something to offer and we will gladly work with them since it involves the plight of the IDPs.”
Also speaking, one of the members of the BBOG, Olatunji Olarewanju stated that the issue of teenage pregnancy in IDPs camps is very alarming adding that there is a need for the government to investigate the issue and bring a stop to the problem.
“There have been rising number of teenage pregnancy in the camps. If you go to the various camps, you will see many of them moving around pregnant. I think investigation by government is in the right direction. It is something that needs to be done,” he said.

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