Young woman hangs herself after being denied access to social media

Many people jokingly state that they'd rather die than go without their cell phone and social media access, but the statement became a sad reality for a 20-year-old newlywed named Aparna who committed suicide after her husband took her phone away.

Citing excessive use of Facebook and WhatsApp, the couple got into an argument over the issue that prompted Aparna's husband Kumar to take her phone away. Upset over the matter, Aparna locked herself in a bedroom, refusing to come out despite family members repeatedly urging her to surface. The young woman, a resident of India, is said to have used another phone to place a call to her older brother to inform him of what transpired. When Kumar eventually kicked the door down, he found his wife hanging from the ceiling, having used a long scarf called a dupatta to kill herself.

Distraught over the discovery, Kumar attempted to jump from a nearby terrace and commit suicide, although he was stopped as family members overcame him.

The story is a sad one, indeed.

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