2face's babymama, Pero Adeniyi's sister comes for Annie Idibia over her IG child abuse post

Yesterday, Annie Idibia took to her IG page to share her thoughts on how child abuse could result from situations where separated parents and exes stress one another over seeing their children. She then gave a shout-out to Sumbo Adeoye, the mother of two of 2baba's sons, for being a great woman.

Turns out the post was actually for a reason. Eniola, a sister to 2face's babymama/mother of his three kids, Pero Adeniyi, clapped back at Annie for the post. Continue to read all the drama

According to Eniola, Annie is jealous that 2face 'got away from her claws' to throw a birthday party for his daughter with Pero. 2face allegedly traveled to see his kids yesterday and this is his first visit to them in over two years. Eniola alleged that Annie harasses Pero with text messages anytime 2face tries to make contact with their Kids and wants to cut them off from him. That even 2face has to hide to contact them in order not to face her anger. Annie responded to the allegations by asking her to get off her Instagram page but Eniola continued to fire back.

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