Man U's Jose Mourinho promises not to 'enter fights' with Man City's Pep Guardiola next season

New coach of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho has kind of promised not to enter into squabbles with new Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola next season. Guardiola and Jose Mourinho's rivalry can be traced back to their time at Barcelona and Madrid respectively where they engaged in so many media slurs and at one time Mourinho even poked the eye of Guardiola's assistant.
The former Real Madrid and Barcelona managers recommence their rivalry at the helms of United and Manchester City this summer. But Mourinho, who also gave a glimpse into his £200million transfer plans, says focusing on the man that once called him 'the f***ing boss' could allow an outsider to take the title.

While in Spain, Mourinho says he could afford to bash the EX-Barcelona coach because there were no other sharks but in England you can’t take your eye off the prize and just focus all your energy on on opponent this season or it'll cost you.
Quoted by the Daily Mail, Mourinho spoke about the truce with his former rival:

(What has happened in the past) does not allow me to be innocent. For two years Pep and I were in a league where the champion would be either me or him, Real Madrid or Barcelona."

Speaking at Lisbon University's Faculty of Human Kinetics, he added: "In a situation like this, individual fights make sense because they can influence things.
"[But] in the Premier League, if I focus on him and Manchester City, and he on me and Manchester United, someone else is going to win the league."

Leicester were the shock winners of the latest Premier League title and Mourinho expects the competition to be as fierce as ever next term.
He said: "The level of the Premier League is going to get better with the players and coaches who will come.
"Four champions in four years (Leicester, Chelsea, City and United) shows how competitive it is, and also says a lot about the television rights and its distribution, which will allow the growth of the league and all its teams.

"It is different to other leagues where the sharks will always be sharks."

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