Must Read for mums: My daughter got a N500,000 scholarship because I learnt the secret of children’s success!

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My work schedule made parenting really tough and because of that my daughter started to fail in her academics but that was a year ago, this year I was invited to her school to celebrate as she received a 3year scholarship for the rest of her stay at the school saving the family over N500,000! The key to her unbelievable successful transformation was…

The key to her unbelievable transformation was not beating her or the regular scolding I had given her so many times. Previously before my promotion at work, I had more time for my daughter’s academics, we would go through her class notes together, go through her assignments, her projects, prepare and revise for upcoming tests, everything! After spending 8 hours in school, I would on a daily basis spend between 30 minutes to 2 hours going over school work with her.

For me it was my way of bonding with her so I didn’t know that that extra support was the reason why she was always in the top 3 in her class. When my job got more demanding I didn’t realize it would affect her performance, since in the first place I didn’t know the golden value of our evening routine together.

When she dropped from 2nd to 8th and from 8th to 13th I knew there was fire on the mountain. I went to the school counselor and they sat with me and asked me extensively the things we were doing just a year ago when she was still doing so well. Then they revealed the secret of her superb performance was those extra hours of personal tutoring that we spent on her classwork and assignment
As soon as we stopped doing that, Funmi stopped taking assignments seriously she would only do them if I’m around. The project work she submitted was like a draft because she had no one to advise her and then instead of preparing for her tests she would watch tv all day.
When I realized, I felt like a failed mother, I had let my child’s performance drop to keep up with my job. It dawned on me then that I needed someone to help her with her school work. I realized the importance of having someone assist her on a daily or weekly basis, a professional teacher that would give the child their full attention, monitor and evaluate strictly. Only a personal tutor has that capacity in terms of time and resources.
At this point I had no other option but to get a private tutor for her and the question was “how do I get thebesthome tutors in Lagos” I have heard my friends complain about their experiences with random tutors so I was keen on working with a well-structured agency that will provide me with a professional tutor, guarantee the safety of my daughter and my home and also with the positive track records.
Every inquiry and research I made kept pointing towards Prepclass tutors so I decided to try them. And that decision has since then been my best decision. Funmi’s improvement was magical, by the 2nd term she was back in second position and by the 3rd term she was on top of the class at 1stposition. Her passion for studying was unimaginable. She would do her assignments even before her tutor arrives and they will both go over it again. I was amazed. I was the typical proud mother. And to crown it all, she was awarded with over N500,000 worth of scholarship. She represented her school in various competitions and I could not stop being thankful for such a wonderful tutor even though I paid for the service.
I advise every mom out there to invest time in helping their kids and working with them every day through their study work and if you can’t afford to do that because of your other engagements, then I strongly recommend you get them a tutor from prepclass by calling 01-2913790 or 08059811502
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