This Genius False Eyelash Hack Will Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Everyone knows the struggle of putting on false lashes. But if you have small eyes, the troubles go beyond just trying to get them to land correctly on your lash line. When you have tiny eyes, most false
lashes are way too big, so you spend ten minutes cutting and re-cutting the lash strip until it fits on your eye. The good news is there's finally an upside to all of that time you spent chopping—there's something you can do with those discarded lash trimmings, and it will change your life.

Reddit user eraser_dust is what you would call a eyeliner and eyelash guru for those with monolids or small eyes. She thought up this amazing liner hack for creating a cat eye on monolids a few months ago, and now she's sharing this trick for false lashes to enhance her eyes and make them look bigger. All she does is take the discarded lash pieces from a trimmed lash strip and add them to the outer section of her lashes to boost volume:
A lot of false lashes aren't designed for my smaller and differently-shaped Asian eyes, so this is how I modify them to fit my eyes better," she explains. "First of all, I measure how much of the lashes I need to cut off. For Asian eyes, I find that letting the lashes cover your entire lash line often ends up looking odd (think lashes pointing in weird directions thanks to how your lids bend them), and it's sometimes even uncomfortable." So she cuts the false lash to to fit so that it only covers about two thirds of her eyelid. "After you've cut your lashes, you may end up with a pretty sizable chunk left behind. What I normally do is attach it with a lash glue to the outer edge of my lashes, so that its thicker in the outer corners," she writes. Boom, bigger-looking eyes, and no lash wasted. Here's an extra tip: "I also like to nudge the second lash layer to the side, so that the bottom and top lashes aren't perfectly overlapping each other—its looks fuller and more natural that way."


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