Web and social media analytics "Conversion rate optimization and customer retention”

Data Analytics is providing the edge for corporate organisations in their day to day operations, and there is an undeniable and continually growing influence of Websites and Social Media in interacting with customers and performing transactions.Capturing and analyzing data from online interactions could provide tremendous insights such as website interaction patterns,

Website contents attractiveness, Visitors locations, etc. for Website Analytics and insights such asBrandSentiments, Needed products/Services chatter, customer satisfaction, etc. from Social Media.

The ability to extract and analyse data from our websites, blogs, and social media would definitely help in creating or adjusting corporate marketing strategies, web presence optimization, analyse the competition, analyse needs of the market in an unbiased form, track and analyze digital marketing efforts and optimize them. All these will help incorporate development and to stay ahead of the competition in a challenging business environment.

Tervan Analytics is conducting high value training that focuses on key sections of Web Analytics, in its proper form, to equip participants with the right skills and appropriate knowledge needed to push their organisations further into the data driven age.

For more information or to register reach Evans on 08135487554 ;Sarah on 07012956959 ; Email: eotalor@tervananalytics.com ; info@tervananalytics.com ; visit www.tervananalytics.com

Applied Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a rapidly growing field with companies realizing that the first point of contact they will have with a potential customer or client is usually throughtheir website or an online presence. Companies now aim to understand their web data, interpret and extract insight from it, which can be used for decision making and ultimately help in achieving business goals.

This training focuses on participants gaining expertise in Web Analytics by leveraging data through various tools to extract insights for Digital Marketing and Optimization, Performance Measurements and Analysis, Visitor Understanding, Web Structure and Content Analysis and Optimization, and all round Business Development.

Course Delivery

This course is delivered through a hands-on approach to Web Data Analytics. Each participant will conduct their own analysis using sets of data provided for the training. The end goal of the training is to give participants a practitioner’s view of Web Analytics by proper understanding of the techniques involved in Web Analytics and apply them on various case study that are designed to tackle problems faced in our local environment.

Training Outcome

• Understand and master the techniques and tools in Web Analytics that would enable you perform at an optimal level in a Web Analytics based role or qualify you for such a role
• Use skills acquired to provide better user experience on websites and increase activities on it
• Have direct impact on strategies in Sales and Marketing, Website Structure Optimization, and/or Content Development with insights extracted using Web Analytics
Duration:3 Days

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics, which is the practice of gathering and analyzing data from Social Mediafor decision making, has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It helps businesses understand their customers and their needs, offer better social media customer service, understand how customers are responding to their products or services, understand the competition, and ultimately provide better services.

This training is designed to equip participants with the ability to measure and analyze data from social media activities targeted at improving marketing campaigns, boost lead generation, or creating a buzz around products, events, or content. Social Media Analytics would enable you understand your data and tweak your strategy to suit the market.

Training Outcome

• Measure and analyze social media efforts
• Understand sentiments and

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