Why is my stomach so big?

The stomach is like the chemical laboratory of the entire body when it comes to food. The food acids are broken down and either absorbed into the system or flushed out to the lower regions from here. With all that chemical concoction, a reaction is bound to happen and often times, it is your mid region that suffers. One day it is big, the next day it could be bigger but through all that up and down size gain, it never gets flat. 

But why does it get big in the first place? The kind of food you eat is the number one culprit. Salty and spicy foods cause fluid retention which causes bloated stomachs. Those fizzy drinks not to mention the fast foods we all love are also not good for your flat tummy goals at all. So if and when you do shed your bad eating habits, how do you shed the extra fat sitting down in your tummy?

Exercises are usually the first option people turn to but even a thousand sit ups a day would not correct the chemical imbalance causing your bloated tummy. At least not as fast as a cup of FlatTummy tea would. FlatTummy contains naturals herbs that help speed up the process of digesting food. It also attacks the stomach fat directly and breaks them rapidly. You could have a tummy makeover in just 28 days. Call today and take your tummy goals to the next level

flatTummy Tea is affordable and available for purchase! Nationwide payment on delivery options are also available! 

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