Indonesia introduces new visa policy for Nigerians

The Indonesian ambassador to Nigeria, Harry Purwanto, revealed on Tuesday that the Indonesian embassy in Nigeria will no longer be involved in visa processing, but only in the collection of visa applications.
Purwanto revealed this new visa policy to the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos. Under the new policy, Nigerians seeking visa to Indonesia for any reason will now have to submit their visa applications to the Indonasian embassy in Nigeria from where it will be forwarded to Indonesia for processing.
This, he revealed, will result to a longer waiting period and as such he advised Nigerians to begin their applications at least two weeks in advance.
“Under the new policy, we as an Embassy in Nigeria have been withdrawn from processing visas. All we are now required to do is to collect visa applications and send them to Indonesia for processing. We now have to be taking authority from Jakarta. We, therefore, want to tell Nigerians seeking visas to Indonesia to now begin their applications at least two weeks in advance, to enable us send their applications on time to Jakarta,’’ Purwanto said.

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