Swiftmedicals.com: Nigeria’s foremost online healthcare hub

SwiftMedicals.com, formerly known as SwiftPharm.com, is an online healthcare hub that allows for the sourcing and purchase of healthcare products from anywhere in Nigeria..

The company is focused on availing individuals and institutions in diverse regions, the full spectrum of healthcare products available in Nigeria, not just in their vicinity.  The name change was prompted by the fact that we now offer a more holistic service delivery and we can boldly certify that we are your one-stop shop for all healthcare products for individuals and institutions.

As Nigeria’s foremost online healthcare hub, Swiftmedicals.com merges healthcare, InfoTech and logistics while using value chain management to deliver efficiency to our end users. Our services which are provided using our website and mobile app now make it easier for customers to access our quality and cost-effective healthcare products whenever and wherever needed. 
As part of our continuous improvement to serve you better, Swiftmedicals.com has introduced a less than 4-hour delivery window anywhere in Lagos and Port Harcourt. So while you enjoy the fun, laughter and togetherness that the Christmas season brings, be rest assured that your healthcare needs are covered with no stress whatsoever.
  For further information, call: +234 (0) 908 185 8577
                +234 (0) 813 308 3452
                +234 (0) 905 258 1173
                E-mail: askme@swiftmedicals.com
                Facebook: swiftmedicals.com
                Twitter: @swiftmedicals
                Instagram: @swiftmedicals      

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