Terry Tha Rapman is 'Dead'!

Every time a hip hop musician gets frustrated with trending evolution of the platform he declares that ‘hip hop is dead’. In their careers both US rappers Nas and Eminem declared hip hop dead. Hip hop did not die of course. It was just flirting with new forms and new ears, like any solid hip beauty would do at giddy moments. Most recently in Nigeria it was Terry Tha Rapman’s turn to declare hip hop dead. The argument is long and worn. Do you sell or tell the game?
There are artistes who decide to sell the game, bounce to whatever is hot on the market and line up sex dosed lyrics to sound likable to DJs. Some decide to tell it, to stick to their nuts and lay out work that would stand out on the sands of hip hop time, f…k the money and sex songs. As Tupac Shakur so well phrased it in ‘Hail Mary’: ‘Picture paragraphs unloaded/Wise ones being quoted…’ Others wisely try to combine selling and telling. The bottom line is bills and stacks to pay them.

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