Amazing things bananas do for the body

You will feel happy
Because the B9 in bananas helps serotonin enter your brain fster, like an anti-depressant.
You will reduce cholestorol
Thanks to the phytosterois in bananas, healthy compounds that have amazing LDL cholesterol lowering effects.
You will get stronger
Due to the magnesium which helps in protein synthesis that increases lean body mass
You will reduce belly bloat
It was discoveered that women who ate bananas twice a day reduced their belly loat by 50%
You will get banan-albs
Thanks to the choline, a weight loss B vitamin that acts directly on belly fat genes
You will feel...normal
Bananas are rich in resistant starch which feeds healthy gut bacteria and keeps you full.
You will feel chill
Bananas also have norepinephrine,which regulates out "flight or fight response", \which helps to regulate stress.

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