Do make up really cover up??

Make up is a phenomenon in this generation, maybe even becoming a craze. It is any item or substance applied to the skin to improve its general appearance, according to the report from Telegraph United Kingdom. Humans have been wearing makeup since time immemorial. It dates far back to the cave man days. Makeup back then was just the easy eye colouring that is reminiscent of most Egyptians work where eyes are coloured with kohl and other parts and substances. During this time Egyptians were very much conscious of the results of the harsh sun on their skin, as a result of this a kind of lotion was made which keeps their skin moisturized and supple. Makeup finally evolved from the Egyptian kohl to the French rouge which was used to make the lips pink and the cheeks blush.               
Having examined the origin of makeup, several questions begin to pop up in one’s mind. What truly is the essence of make up? Its advantages and disadvantages, does it do well to the skin? Should it be a necessity for ladies? And most especially does make up really cover it up?
A research group at the Harvard University conducted a research on cosmetics and its essence and this was their findings: they discovered that makeup affects likeability, trustworthiness, competence and perception of a lady (provided she does not overdo it). It has a significant impact on how attractive a face appears, how makeup is worn such as the kind of makeup look (natural, professional, and glamorous) matters too. Apparently people who wear glamorous makeup are seen as less trustworthy than those who wear a more natural or professional makeup look. This study shows the essence of makeup when worn regularly. There are several uses of makeup. Some use it to enhance and beautify, this is the most common use of makeup. Other uses of makeup includes masking scars and deformities that can be debilitating, it is the basis of some professions; mostly professions that fall under the show biz. Most TV personalities guard themselves with makeup, since their appearance is one of their most worthy belongings. Another use of makeup that recently surfaced is solar protection. Most producers of beauty products have accommodated the need of most people to protect themselves and their skin from the rays of the sun. From the uses enumerated above it is evident that cosmetics play a major role in our everyday life.
Everyone wants to look good, as such we wake up in the morning and apply all sorts of substances under the umbrella of makeup on our faces, without even knowing the effects of these substances, just as everything on the face of the earth has its advantages and disadvantages, so does makeup .Makeup enhances natural beauty, it also increases the look and attractiveness of a woman, it sometimes removes signs of aging. It is only right that one also take note of its disadvantages which are a bit adverse. Majority of ladies do not know the risk they expose themselves to by applying makeup. It can harm the skin and create diseases. Excessive facial makeup can create ugly spot on the face, it can also create wrinkles on the face; extra makeup can damage the eyes and also cause skin cancer. It also has varying side effects depending body types.
Several times, questions of makeup being a necessity have been asked in recent times. I believe makeup should not be a necessity for anyone; it simply boils down to preference. A woman’s appearance should be guided by some certain factors such as time, place, her profession and her goal. You don’t expect to see a police woman all made up like someone going for a red carpet event when she’s on duty. One thing that needs to be noted is that one does not need excessive makeup to be beautiful; one could stay with little or no makeup and still remain beautiful. In fact, makeup should not be an everyday thing. 
Now to the crux of the matter; does makeup cover it all?
The ‘‘it’’ here is a symbolism, which represent a wide variety of things. It represents the beauty, the personality, the self-esteem and the real person behind the mask. And yes, my answer to this is NO! Makeup cannot actually cover it all. People makeup for several reasons, some use it to enhance natural beauty, some take it a step further using it to make up for what they lack in natural beauty, while some just see it as a mask in which they actually hide behind. Make up might be able to cover or fulfil its reason of existence, which is to give and enhance beauty. But it cannot and it has not been able to cover some other things such as the personality of the person with the pretty face, nor has it been able to correct or totally eradicate the issue of low self-esteem, although it has helped reduce the issue a bit,neither has it been able to totally hide the real person behind the makeup. Just as I mentioned earlier that it has been discovered that makeup affects likeability, trustworthiness, competence and perception of a lady, people may like or trust you more, but that is not a substitute for the real deal. No amount of makeup can cover a cruel, dishonest, or fake person. Make up is worn and it can fade and will eventually be taken off, what is left after all this is gone is the true person behind the makeup mask.

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