Photo: Convicted Nigerian escapes from Indian prison hours before his deportation

A 35-year-old Nigerian convict, who has completed his 3-year term escaped from the Anti-Narcotics Cell’s custody, on Monday, January 2, just hours before his deportation.

John Okoro, who was arrested in 2014 in a narcotic case was released from prison on December 31, and brought to the Azad Maidan lock up in preparation for his deportation to Nigeria.

He had asked for permission to step out of the detention room on the first floor of the agency around 2 am, saying he wanted to use the toilet, and then jumped from the balcony. He crashed through the asbestos roof and fled on foot.

The constable guarding him also leaped from the balcony in a desperate attempt to nab him, but ended up injured. He is recovering at the Nagpada police hospital. An alert has been issued for Okoro.

"Around 2 am, Okoro told the constable on guard that he wanted to visit the washroom. He was being taken there when he jumped from the balcony. He landed on the asbestos roof, which immediately gave away," a police officer said. "He ran in the directions of Mahapalika Marg."

Another officer said a manhunt had been launched and the Anti-Narcotics Cell had asked informers to be on the lookout. Okoro was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans and slippers.

Fresh charges stemming from his daring escape have been registered at the Azad Maidan police again.
Source: Mumbai Mirror

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