Angel D’Laff Tells His own Part of The ‘Angel D’Laff-Phoenix’ Controversy.

The social space of Nigerian comedian and rapper Angel D’Laff and Phoenix respectively has been heated up due to a certain accusation against Angel D’Laff and a purported case filed against Phoenix.
After much wait, Angel D’Laff finally popped up a press release to address the public concerning the accusation where he rather than hit the nail in the head, went on to mention a certain blogger (Suspected to be Alabo Jojofalani) who according to him has never published stuffs about his brand for years. Well that’s not our business smiles
In his address he mentioned that Phoenix‘s mother called earlier to beg him (Angel D’laff) to drop the case he had against her son (Phoenix), although he didn’t mention whether or not he has dropped the suit against Phoenix but then we await developments to this story and we’ll definitely keep you updated.
Read Angel D’Laff’s address to the public:

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