Manchester United tribute to Nigerian fans killed in Calabar

Manchester United has revealed plans to honour Nigerian football fans who died last week following an accident in the south-eastern city of Calabar.
The tragedy, which claimed the lives of at least seven people, happened when an electric cable fell on fans watching a Manchester United match on TV.
The English club tweeted that its players will wear black armbands on Sunday in memory of the victims.
English football has a large and passionate following in Nigeria
The high-tension cable fell on a crowded shack which was showing the Europa League quarter-final against Anderlecht
One witnesses said the building had a zinc roof which conducted the electricity to those watching inside.
A screenshot of a tweet by Man UnitedImage copyrightTWITTER
In addition to the dead, at least 30 people were rushed to hospital by local ambulances.
Some eyewitnesses said the number of people who died was higher than the official toll of seven.
It is unclear what caused the electric cable to collapse. The BBC understands an investigation into the incident is underway

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