Gbenga Olowo
Earlier this morning, GBENGA OLOWO (the Lanmaya crooner) put a call through to the CEO UKWUBENDA WORLDWIDE MEDIA, ThaUkwuBenda himself, stating clearly that he is officially closing his own music chapter as an artist.

He claims that he’s taking his hands and vocals off recording songs, performances and all that has to do with him been an artist. But not entirely off the music industry cus he’s still got love for music and would like to channel that into some other place in the music industry.

He insisted that he was making this statement known to ThaUkwuBenda cause he wanted him (thaukwubenda) to be the first to know about this new development and cause he is a more respectful and reputable online Publicist he’s known in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

GBENGA OLOWO also went ahead to thank his fans for always been there for him and appreciates his kind of music, he also apologized for the recent development.

ThaUkwuBenda still wonders how real this is, with the strong temptations and addictions for writing and recording good music including the fans…  for how long can this go on? Well let’s see how this whole series plays out.

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