Cannabis has been used by human beings thousands of years in the ancient times, it is a plant found in central Asia but grown all around the world and the cannabis plant produces a rasin which contains compounds called cannabinoids.
Cannabiniods is facinating because they have active canabiniods called (Delta 9THL) which is a psychoactive drug, which alters yoyr mood, Central nervous system impacting your whole physiology.

Some people use it because they are lonely,it been a psychoactive drug it can make you mellow, because thruogh neuroplasticity brain changes based on our environment and what we are intaking.
Through numeruos study it has been deduced that
·        You can treat cancer through the use of cannabis which can serve as a potential cure.
·       It reduces inflamation.
·       It makes edo dissolve.
·       It can be used to treat people who have intensive pains (nerve pains)

-Wisdom Dickson

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