Igbo traders warn Nnamdi Kanu to Keep Biafra in Southeast, don’t come to Lagos

Leaders of Igbo traders in Lagos State have warned leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu to keep his agitation in the South East as they will not welcome him in Lagos.
They said the IPOB leader’s visit to Lagos will make Nigerians think they are in support of his call for secession and would spoil their business.

They expressed disgust at the reported plan by Kanu to storm Lagos soon in continuation of his visits to states of Nigeria, warning him to desist from making such an adventure, because he won’t be welcome in the city.

The traders who spoke to Sunday Telegraph warned Kanu and his followers that by what they profess, “taking their Biafra outside the East amounts to warmongering.”

Chairman of the Alaba Amalgamated Traders Association, Chief Chiemeka Ibeh warned the IPOB leader to stay away from Lagos, urging him to leave Igbos in Lagos.

According to him “He (Kanu) should keep his Biafra in the East where our unemployed youths are following him all over the place, not knowing what they are dabbling into.
“Most of these youth do not understand what Biafra is about and what it has cost Igbo people.
“Since his actions led to the quit notice by the Arewa youths, I expected Kanu to have paid upfront all transport companies on the northern route to be conveying Igbo people who might be interested in coming back to the East, but he has not paid a kobo to anybody. Is he bothered about the economic wellbeing of the people whom his actions could dislocate?”

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