Ini Edo finally Finds Love Again

This has just brought to remembrance that old disco hit made very famous by the famous trio of Shalamar- Jody Watley, Howard Hewitt & Jeffrey Daniel in the 80s entering the 90s, titled "Second Time Around".
The very popular song was a colossal hit then and it speaks of a 2nd time experience at love. We can bet anything on it, that it's might be the most popular song that's constantly in the mind of one of Nigeria's most famous thespian, in the person of the gorgeous and super talented, Nollywood superstar Ini Edo.
From very available and very very reliable information at our disposal, the stylish and very shapely actress from Akwa Ibom State is presently and currently, as we speak luxuriating in the euphoria of love. Like the Americans would say, she's totally "love joned". Cupid it seems has fired all his arrows thay has been deeped in his most potent concoction till date at her heart and all have hit target.
It's like "Saint Raphael, the patron saint of happy meetings & Saint Valentine, patron saint of love have combined to make Ini Edo's heart and home their abode for as long as she would permit. Not just that, it's like Ini has so pleased Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love, the equivalent of the Roman goddess Venus, that the goddess has found a permanent abode with her and she's not willing to vacate anytime soon.
Who is this lucky man? Or should we say more correctly, who is the man, that has swept the very lucky Ini Edo totally off her feet? More after the break. It's none other than a young STUPENDOUSLY liquid, very highly connected man by name S.......
This quiet young billionaire, who doesn't like any unnecessary attention to himself is totally, implicitly and explicitly taken by Ini Edo. What he greatly appreciates in and about her, from what we have learnt is her "uncommon humility and appreciation" of little and very big things.
When you see Ini carry a logo bag or wearing anything that's designer tagged, know for sure it's the most authentic, because she can sure afford it without a sweat now.
If you notice any 'blingified" jewelry encrusted with gemstones etc or wrist watches that stands out and is of great value, know very well that they are for real as she can afford them at the blink of an eye.
We hear that part of the reason Ini might have shutdown, her not too successful lounge/nightclub might have been at the behest of her rock solid man and lover.
To better buttress how deep this love is, Ini is said to be "gobsmarkingly", jaw droppingly in love and she's doing all that's damn possible to keep things on the low-low against undue scrutiny, as she's not ready to jeopardise this grace she's gotten in any way or manner. A bit more about our man? At a point he stayed for a number of years at a top hotel.
He is a young man, not even up to 40. His eminent tentacles is as staggering as they come, to say the least. Once you enter certain states in the country, you would notice his heavy presence.
He has access to the top echelon in Government and like we already mentioned, he is awesomely, exceptionally and staggeringly liquid. We are helping Ini to celebrate this love, for even we on the outside have seen the effect. More grease to Cupid we say.

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