Charcoal the most effective life saving remedy known to man-- Wisdom Dickson

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a porous black solid, consisting of an amorphous form of carbon, obtained as a residue when wood, bone, or other organic matter is heated in the absence of air.
Inexpensive, abundantly available, harmless, efficient, and scientifically proven remedy. Charcoal is a primary health care medicine. Activated charcoal is long known to the ancient world as a cure in the treament of numerous diseases. Modern medicine has been making water filltration digestive rediscoveries of the benefits of activated charcoal as an antidote for diseases. The charcoal campaign brings this knowledge to you. See thediseases that you can use activated charcoal for:
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·       Poisoning or drug overdose
·       Diarrhea
·       Nausea and vomiting
·       Intestinal gas or bloating
·       Eye and ear infections
·       Skin and joint infections
·       Insect bites
·       Snake bites
·       Jaundice in the newborn
·       Liver and kindney disease
·       Toothaches and gum infections
·       Bad breath
·       Dizziness
·       Epilepsy
·       Chlorosis of liver
·       Abdominal gas and pains
·       Menstual difficulties and pain
·       Sanitize and deodorizing agent
·       Disorders
·       Offensive stool odor
·       Constipation
·       Worm eradication
·       Allergic headaches
·       Arthritic symptoms
·       Painful urination
·       Flatulence
·       Sore throat irritation
·       Abdominal inflammation
·       Malaria fever
·       Inflammation of the spleen
·       Inflammation of the lungs
·       Body cleanser (from toxins)
·       Treatment of ulcers and sores
·       Indigestion from over-feeding
·       Typhoid fever
·       Pains
·       Insomnia
·       Kneel inflammation
·       Eye inflammation and other eye problems
·       Boils and carbuncles
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