Bobrisky finally confirms his 'GAY' status

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The internet personality who has severally denied being gay although agreed he is in a relationship with an influential male politician has admitted he is gay.
Bobrisky revealed this on his Instagram page while chiding his critics.
He wrote…
‘’All this house boys and girls coming to drop comment on page are you all stupid.
‘’Do you think your hate comments can change me? Why are you trying so hard to get my attention?
‘’Fuck off my page and go and find something meaningful to do with your life. Just this morning I have made up to 750, 000 hustle still continue. You are here wasting your Mb on someone else life style.
‘’If all your insult bothered me I should have stopped posting here.

‘’Yes am gay, I will go to hell fire, thanks. Please what next? I’m tired of the same words, I want to hear something new, cheers!’’

Maybe after releasing that he was just ranting or that he kind of admitted to been gay, he deleted his post.

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