[ARTICLE] Technology and organizational change- Wisdom Dickson Jr

The technology needs of a small company exist in an almost constant state of flux, adapting and changing based on business demands and advancements in the industry. Almost every business relies on technology for day-to-day operations, from the decision of a solo entrepreneur to purchase a new laptop to a growing company's roll out of time-management software.

Technology introduces new way for business to compete with each other, some of the principle change are as follows;
  1. NEW PRODUCT: Technology creates product that operates faster, cheaper and are often better quality or are wholly new. indeed, new products can be individually tailored to a particular customers needs.
  2. NEW ENTERPRISES: Information technology can build entirely new business, 2 examples are 
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Website Development Companies
 Just a few years ago, the only computer connectivity options available to individuals were through online services providers like America online and through colleges and universities. Now hundreds of national service providers and thousands of local services are available.

Thousands of small companies specialize in website development have sprung up in the past eight(8) years. These companies help small to medium sized organization by providing assistance in evaluating, creating and maintaining websites. Large organizations employ specialist called webmasters to provide this type of support.
                                                                                   __________WISDOM DICKSON JR

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