[POETRY] THE HEART -- Turay Jessica Alisha

I give all of me but  it can't  measure up your  happiness. I feel like  I  stay under the rain and don't catch a Cold. I try to make you  smile but  you don't  care.

 I just  want you  to  look at  me  whit a smile. I wish I had  longer foots. You keep making me feel bad am standing  looking if you  give  a dem about me.

 But  just  keep  making fun of my  love. Am locked away in  treas but  that gave me the straight to  privail over weakness I went  away in  river  of treas
   Now. I get  a call from  you  asking  for love . funny right?  Telling  me  time  heals all  wounds. She knows  I have a feeble heart.

When I think  of  her all I get are painful  memories
 She came back milking  her way to my heart again but  all I can give  her is the anger  she left inside  me
 But she said again  time  heals all wounds. And then  I looked into  dose beautiful eyes of hers and saw a feeble  heart seeking  for my love. Of a truth you can't  stop the heart from getting what it wants.

    Turay Jessica Alisha

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