Celebrities zlatan and hushpuppi posed with the same jeep bearing the same plate number

Zlatan and hush posing with same car

Popular socialite, Hushpuppi and music rave-of-the-moment, Zlatan Ibile have set the internet agog with questions on the lips of everyone as they both recently took photos with the same luxury neon-coloured Mercedes.

It is common knowledge that social media is a place where people, particularly celebrities, often try to impress their followers and be on their best at all times. However, this show of wealth and extravagance is not always what it seems as some people fake it.

It all started with Hushpuppi sharing a photo of him posing with the luxury jeep in matching neon colored outfit on Instagram, and since he is known for living a luxurious lifestyle many believed the vehicle was his. Five days later, Zlatan Ibile posed with the same jeep bearing the same plate number as Hushpuppi’s and just like Hushpuppi, he posed with matching neon outfit, and the debate began.
Hushpuppi’s caption: “My story is filled with broken pieces, bad decisions and some ugly truths. But it is also filled with a major come back, peace in my soul and grace that saved my life,” and Zlatan’s caption: “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking,” got people more confused as to who the true owner is.
While Zlatan’s fans argued in his defense, naming him the real owner of the jeep, others disagree and claim that a fast-rising star like him could not afford it, and so it belongs to Hushpuppi.

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