Citizens harassed by Nigerian Army over curfew implementation in port Harcourt

This is what is happening right now at Ikwerre road, diobu, mile 2, Rivers State, were the Nigerian army are now harassing the citizens, by telling them to sit and lye on the floor, and even raising their hands.

We know sometimes people can be stubborn to adhere to instructions, but not in this way to letting them know.

I appreciate the government of Rivers State for the early measures they have taken to reduce the wide spread of Covid-19, but I also want to call on their attention and further advice that we are not fighting any war, and as such we should do the sensitization in the right way and manner.

The government should also remember that there are lots of people who have not even succeeded in eaten three square meal in a day and they also need to eat one at this intense period.

We can not stay isolated, without eating, even the leaders also feel hungry, then talk more of the downtrodden.

One of the measures to prevent this virus that have epidemic the whole world is to be healthy, and one cannot be healthy without food.

Please government, lets re-strategies, because the poor are been affected negatively..


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