Chike Mordi Speak on COVID-19 and the Fashion Industry

Chike Mordi Speak on COVID-19 and the Fashion Industry 

The NCDC has put forward forward  guidelines and instructions to help reduce the curve in the spread of the global coronavirus pandemic, as the number of  new cases continue to be on the rise, it is our responsibility to take seriously necessary measures to curb the community spread of this virus especially practicing good respiratory hygiene, social distancing, washing of hands regularly, etc.

Chike Mordi, Creative Designer and Lead Consultant at Zhalima Grazioni expresses concern about the impact of the virus and lockdown on EPOPS on STV as it affects the creative and fashion industry. 

"Markets are closed, shops closed, businesses are halted, it has dealt with us."

"Fashion designers now encourage online transactions as,  in-store booking and shopping is suspended due to lockdowns, and not supported by social distancing rule." He said. 

"Bordered  with layoffs, new child line responsibilities;  customers faced with response to hunger, panic of poverty. Buying new clothes becomes a distant dream. ...even after the pandemic, consummers will  tear away from hype outfits and products and focus on heritage pieces with longetivity -- investment pieces, minimalist last forever pieces that feels more responsible given the state of the world." He added. 

He calls on the government to support the fashion SMEs and also encourage fashion industry  collaboration as no company would be able to navigate this crisis alone. He also called on consumers to embrace the new culture of online purchases as it has come to stay.

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