If we all know history, there is one thing we should all realize; and that is, back through the years (at least till about 10 years ago) it has been a fact that the way society has brought up both female and male children ( tho’ evolving) has been different as both genders are always being treated differently. While this is something feminist are fighting against, it is still in our history.

Ok, so when we take a look at the males, they were raised with the mindset of ” traditionally males can have as many wives as they want or can have.” It is also important to note that for a male to marry the second wife and third he has to cheat on the first.

But, when we look at the females, they were raised to think of giving their soul, body and attention to single man, even if he has fifty wives (how cruel and selfish to raise someone with this mentality tho’, but it happened).

Now, advancing through out the years while males have been lawfully made to stick to marrying one wife, because of a mentality given to them through generations before, they feel they have rights to cheat and move with other women. And when not married is often worse.

Women on the other hand, getting tired of living with the mentality they had before and tired of being treated like that to by a man they devoted their all to also came up with a mentality of “Don’t out all your eggs in one basket”. This was to save them the stress of sticking to one guy who had other girlfriends and has promised all of them marriage without each of them knowing about the other. So as to also be able to get married on time, they started not putting all their eggs in a basket.

Now forwarding to today, we have more relationships full of people cheating on each other than with people who love eachother and stay faithful to one another.

While it would have been very normal to point fingers and say that one sex is worse than the other( which would be very biased) it is important to note that so can not be the case as both genders are out there in the world getting heartbroken everyday.

I don’t feel males cheat more or females cheat more as cheating has become more of an individual thing and a stereotype amongst everyone. Both genders are equal. While everyone points fingers at eachother, it is due to say for a fact that both genders are overly guilty. There is no “more” nor “less” between both genders.

Honestly, I feel it’s time people stop being biased also and stop tearing the opposite sex down when their own sex is guilty also as charged. Let’s call a spade “a spade” and say it as it is.

Feel free to drop comments on your thoughts.

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