Crypto Currency Mutant (CCMUTANT)

CCMutant is a Binance Chain Token focused on the Store of value and Trading, in a fully decentralized ecosystem, using a smart contract in one of the cryptocurrencies. 

The digital currency aims to revolutionize the leisure, Games, and travel industries and also as a store of value universally adoptable through multi-brand platforms. Built on Binance Smart Chain is having its ICO on the 15th of December.

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In addition to having the purpose of being a valuable storage currency, CCMutant can also be used for purchases and sales in the trade, like any other coin does (or aims to), due to a smart contract based on the Binance network which is known for being a solid, very fast and stable network, making the use of this token for countless other things besides the purposes mentioned here.

CCMutant is a system designed to serve as a store of value and also be used as a currency and conventional use.

CCMutant ensures a high level of utility on each transaction through our coin, a strong algorithm implemented to connect and automatize the processes of our business lines and partners' platforms.

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