Nigerians are suffering – Buhari admits

 President Muhammadu Buhari has said he knows about the sufferings of Nigerians and the hunger in the land.


In an interview aired on Channels Television on Wednesday, Buhari said he is absolutely aware of the suffering and pains Nigerians go through under his watch.

The President was asked by his interviewer if at all he was aware of the number of Nigerians who find it difficult to feed under his administration.

And in response, he said, “I’m absolutely aware of it, but like I said, look at the vast population of Nigerians, only 2.5% of the land revenue is being cultivated.

“We realized this rather too late, but we have to go back to the land (agriculture).”

He advised Nigerians to venture into agriculture and to leverage the opportunity that it offers in order to find a lasting solution to the current economic crisis.

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