MADE EVIL -- written by Preharry Laura



Just the other day on my way to the market, I saw this young boy of about 17 or 18 years, I’m not sure.
He looked so rough and anyone could tell he’s one of the touts around that area but he’s a handsome boy, he just needs to be educated and taught a good skill that he can use to help the society and make money.
If only our government weren’t self centered and cared more for the masses, we would have little or no tout cases in this society. I kept on thinking In my head about the possible ways to help these touts make a living when I heard a voice from behind.
Heys, way you?
No be you I Dey call since? The voice said rudely.
Abi you want make I sand you?
A hot slap landed on my neck before I could even turn to look at who it is.
Una go just Dey form nonsense up and down he said pushing my head as if I am his child.
I almost cried, the humiliation was second to none.
No One has ever treated me this way before.
You know wetin go happen? You go give me everything wey Dey your body.
I was shocked, I thought he wanted me to strip.
He probably saw the shock on my face and continued
I no need your clothes, you go just give me everything wey you use attach your body he said.
Without further explanation, I submitted  my bag, wristwatch and phone
Drop everything you no dey hear? He said pointing directly to my eyes as he used his other hand to raise his cloth up, letting me see the gun like object hidden in his shorts.
So I removed my ear rings, necklace, and hand chains.
I submitted everything I had on me except my clothes.
The money mum gave me for the soup items I was going to get in the market was also in my bag but I didn’t care, I just wanted him to leave my sight.
He moved two steps away from me and came back and said; aunty no too reason am, Na my belle I Dey find.
And no vex say I slap you, if i no do like that you no for fear me, thank you and zoomed off.
I didn’t scream, I was just in shock.
So many things going through my mind.
The little boy I just admired few minutes ago had just robbed me, I didn’t know if I should be angry with him, myself or the government.
But what kind of a robber says thank you?
I was lost in my thoughts when I heard a voice shouting
Thief! Na thief him be
Hold am, no gree oh
Him just rob one woman for front there.
I hurried to the place and behold it is the same boy.
The voice continued
Everything wey him hold for hand so him thief am.
Him no Dey stay for this street oh, him Dey always come thief for here another voice said.
Make una no let am go oh, him must die today a female voice added.

I no be thief, Na my belle I Dey find
Bros I no go do am again was what the boy managed to say before a big block landed on his head.
Before I could say stop, another man flogged his head with a big wood and he began to shake uncontrollably.
I immediately started begging, with tears in my eyes.
Please stop, he’s just a small boy I said with tears in my eyes.
Na small boy Dey turn big man one day a voice replied from the crowd.
Madam you Dey cry, abi Na your boyfriend? Another man said from the crowd.
No be you him just Robb now now? Una go Dey do as if una no like better thing, another added.
I was terrified, I have never seen something like this before.

His lifeless body was set on fire, I just couldn’t watch or stop myself from crying.

My bag was handed over to me by the judge of the case.
I opened it to check if everything was intact, every other thing was there except my phone.
Please, my phone is missing I told the young man that handed the bag to me.
He gave me a very angry look and said; you no happy say you try see this one, no be you Dey cry for there since? Madam, carry your problem face front Abeg.
Immediately I left the spot I was standing, I went home straight.  


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