The Protected, Victimized! ----- Written by PreHarry Laura


                                                              The Protected, Victimized!

Our society today is like an abandoned warehouse, no one really cares about what is going on till it’s their turn to dance to the tune of the music. 

People are supposed to be secured and protected from harm. People usually feel safe in the presence of those whom they believe are meant to protect them but Today, the case is different.

The masses live in fear for their lives. The protected seems to be victimized by his supposed protector and no one cares because we are all scared of speaking out. 

More than a hundred cases of victimization, a threat to human life and death in a society where the safety of the people is in the hands of a group of people who turn around to victimize them. 

If the victims of the Apo Six in Abuja had known, they would have stayed home rather than believed they were safe in a country where safety is of the lord alone. 

A similar case in point is the Ikoku four in the capital city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State where the life of a certain mechanic called Chima Ikwunado was cut short as a result of complications arising from police brutality over frivolous allegations. A fruitful tree, cut off from its root never to grow again only to be remembered. 

Where do we run to? 

Who is going to rescue us?

Where does our fate lie in a country where our security architecture has failed and has continue to fail us when almost on daily basis, human lives are being cut short in the hands of security agents; people who are suppose to protect and bring sanity to our society, have become the main cause of this inhuman and barbaric act in our society today. 

Are the bribes and tips worth our lives?

I’m human,I belong to a family and they’ll miss me if you kill me so why do you have to do it?

I deserve to live just like you do.I deserve a fair judgment if you think I have done wrong as our constitution demands.Don’t judge me by my looks,I am different from what I look like,thus I should be treated fairly...


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