[Book] The Pain Of Lies— written by Preharry Laura


On a very lonely day, Adanne got a message from a stranger on her social media page asking her to be his friend. Unlike the other friendship request she has been ignoring, she decided to give this one a trial. His approach was cool and matured so she didn’t think much in accepting his proposal to be her casual friend. 

Adanne and her new friend started talking about all aspects of life, from nature to science and from there to career and choices, likes and dislikes. 

Days ran into weeks and weeks into months and Emeka started asking Adanne for a relationship. He would occasionally say sweet words to her, they’ll talk till late nights on phone and even text all night. Adanne, who has already developed feelings for Emeka wanted to take her time before accepting to be in a relationship with Him to avoid repeated mistakes so she asked for some time to think about his request and in no time, she said yes to him. 

Their love grew so fast and it felt like what Adanne has never experienced. They only saw themselves ones in a week and Adanne would a-times tease Emeka of being a married man, and he would laugh it off. Emeka opened up to Adanne about having a child even before asking her to be in a relationship, it was a difficult decision for Adanne because she vowed never to be in a relationship with a man that has a child or even marry one but this man seems to be nice and has promised that the child won’t be a problem at all so she thought of giving him a try. 

Their relationship grew to the point that Emeka made Adanne promise him that she would marry him if she’s settled and stable enough to do so. Adanne was happy within her but didn’t let it out and Emeka   was happy too. Few days after Emeka made his wish known to Adanne, Adanne got a call from a lady, who claimed to be Emeka's sister initially,then later accepted to be his wife and has been married to him for 12 years with 4 children. 

Adanne couldn’t digest what she heard, she called Emeka  and he couldn’t explain, he kept on mincing words and blamed her for believing a total stranger over him. She cried that night till her eyes were swollen and she couldn’t sleep. 

Love they say, makes a person foolish. After much persuasion Emeka  accepted that he is married and has children;

 I wanted to tell you the truth but I was waiting for the right time he said. 

Adanne was very much into Emeka    so it was difficult for her to let him go. They had plans of leaving the country together after marriage, having all their children outside the country and so many other plans but the news that he is married broke Adanne. Emeka  kept apologizing and asking her to be his second wife but Adanne is not the type who likes sharing her man so she shut him out of her life and killed herself..


Nothing and nobody worth killing yourself for..

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