Dubai-bound Plane forced to make emergency landing in Lagos due to poor health status of a passenger who ingested cocaine

An Emirates flight EK 262 from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, made an emergency landing in Lagos due to the deteriorating health condition of a suspected cocaine trafficker who was onboard the plane yesterday May 28th. Screening by the NDLEA officials found four passengers positive for drug ingestion who are currently under interrogation.

One of the suspects in critical condition was immediately hospitalized as doctors battled to save his life.

Speaking on the incident, the NDLEA commander at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos, Ahmadu Garba, said the Emirates flight left Sao Paulo, Brazil to Dubai but was forced to make an emergency landing in Lagos due to the health condition of a passenger on board who ingested cocaine.
“A passenger complained of severe abdominal pains and later suffered three recurrent seizures thus necessitating an emergency landing in Lagos. Upon arrival, four passengers tested positive for narcotic ingestion. They are Okeh Desmond, Ezeanya Nnaemeka, Christopher Nonso and Chibusi Promise. All the suspects are under observation,” Garba said.

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