Alleged budget padding: Abdul Jibrin ignores APC's instruction, releases statement making more accusations against Dogara

Embattled former Chairman of the House of Reps Committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin, has ignored his party, APC's directive to stop issuing statement on his fight with Speaker Yakubu Dogara and 13 other lawmakers.

In a statement he released this evening, Jibrin alleged that two serving governors are working with some other politicians to give Dogara soft landing on the alleged budget padding scandal. In the statement, Jibrin says Dogara's face, cap, Agbada and even his shoes radiate corruption and abuse of office. He alleged Dogara also receives 25million naira every month. Read his statement below...

It has once again become necessary for me to make some statements, clarifications and further revelations.
As you are aware, my party the APC has intervened in the current crisis, following allegations of corruption, embezzlement and gross abuse of office I leveled against Speaker Yakubu Dogara, three other principal officers and 9 other members, of which none had responded to any.

As I said earlier, it is only the 13 members of the House that are on trial not the House of Representative as an institution. Surprisingly, they have resorted to using every tactics to narrow the allegations to only issue of padding, which in itself is a grievous offense, ignoring tens of other criminal allegations contained in my petition to the anti-corruption agencies. In doing so, they mischievously expanded the scope of the culpability to give an impression that the entire House, Senate and even the Executive arm of government and some individuals outside NASS are on trial.
This is a wicked attempt to drag many institutions and individuals into the matter to neutralize the issue, spread fear and sell the dummy that the entire country will go down if this matter is dealt with decisively. This is the biggest blackmail I have ever seen. Nigerians should know that the whole agenda of this blackmail is being coordinated by a group of five people, two serving Governors and three former members of the House. I will give their names in due course. They have been running pillar to post and I keep wondering what really do they have to hide or are afraid of since they are not Members of the House.
The meeting with the party went very well and in all honesty they were very objective and showed understanding. I told the party that I will be part of any peaceful resolution EXCEPT on the criminal allegations I have raised against Speaker Dogara and 12 others. On that, I told the party there is no going back and further informed them that more revelations will be made once investigation commences. I also informed the party that I will stand as witness against them and provide every support that will help investigation and prosecution of these 13 extremely corrupt members. The party wrote and asked that Dogara and I should stop further public statements on this issue. I respected the party and stopped further statement but kept a close watch on what was going on. Of course I have my network everywhere.
After three days of careful observation and receiving information from very patriotic Nigerians, I discovered a grand plan by the group of two Governors and three former members designed to provide soft-landing for Dogara and 12 others, give them time to clean up the mess on their desk, destroy whatever evidence in their possession and reach, spread money across members to buy signature of vote of confidence, try to scare and drag as many people as they can into this matter, invade the party and top government officials and influential people that have the ears of the president and try to change the media and public narrative by embarking on very expensive media campaign to discredit and attack my person with all manner of lies they can concoct.
I have made it a duty to respond to all the allegations against me. The latest they brought up this weekend has already been taken care of in my soon-to-be-released memoir. But I have decided not to wait until

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