Annie Idibia bares it all in her new Skincare photoshoot!

As the new brand ambassador for a UK skincare line called L’Avyanna, Annie Idibia has a lot of positive testimony to share about this brand which she has tried and tested. Don’t just take our word for it, just check out her stunning pictures where she bares it all with confidence.

Named as one of the ‘Raw Beauty’ collections in British Vogue… Tatler’s ‘Beauty-Booty’ Skin glowing products and GQ’s ‘The Dapper Gents’… skincare collection for men, L’Avyanna Skin Naturals is a collection of skincare products targeted to basked men and women in Nigeria with high-performance and high-potency skin care nutrients. 
Yes! There is growing number of skin care products in the Nigerian market today, most of which are either focused on women or focused on changing the true identity of black beauty by only offering women skin bleaching products. Research has shown that our skin is so intelligent and would do what it can to protect itself. Through L’Avyanna Skin Naturals, you can now give your skin that helping hand that it needs to function better … unleashing your best true natural glow. Even better, they also cater for MEN! Many skincare products tend to forget men, thinking that they often do not matter in the beauty sector but as we all know too well, our Naija brothers do not play… We continue to see #Naijamenkillingit with their beard-gangs or their smooth shaved young-looking faces on social media… looking soooo Dapper!

Thanks to L’Avyanna Skin Naturals’ Super Skin Detox Vitamin C collection, women can now boast of high potency Vitamin C products that truly work. One of the highest potency vitamin C products on the UK high-street now available for all in Nigeria. Their 25% Vitamin C Face serum and cream brightens, firms and repairs your skin from any damage caused by the sun or harsh products you’ve used in the past. So, for those of you who have suffered from skin damages, all hope is not lost… L’Avyanna is here to help repair your skin with its high performance ingredients. 
Don’t forget to get L’Avyanna’s Skincare Essentials to prep your skin with its, Vitamin C Face wash, Papaya Face Scrub, Dead Sea Mineral Black Face Mask and for those with Acne, its Blemish Control Face Wash. For the whole Body, use L’Avyanna’s Vitamin C Brightening Body Lotion with SPF 50. Now people! you don’t even have to change the body cream/lotion you currently use… we know how hard it is to find that one body lotion that works and we want it to even work better so, just add this L’Avyanna’s High Sunscreen Body Lotion to protect your skin from the sun plus all the powerful skincare benefits it contains. It would only help what you are using work even better!

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