Child in Akure rescued after months of Torture due to being labelled a “Witch”

A child in Akure has been rescued and is presently going through therapy after being tortured by relatives who labelled her as a “witch”.
Doctor/Activist Dr Joe Okei-Odumakin revealed the case on social media today.
It’s so sad little child was accused of witchcraft in Akure and after all tortures and attempts to kill but she did not die; she was chained in a dog cage without food for months before she was found and brought out by someone. I stumbled on the good people who found andbstarted taking care of her again. What a world!
She shared this information alongside photos of the little girl taken soon after her rescue.
Her swollen legs and injuries are visible in the images.
Dr. Odumakin added;
Her torturers thought her not to survive, but she was rescued after months she was caged and deserted. Largely in rural African parts, geniuses are still victims of primitive ignorance #PeculiarChildNotWitch
Thankfully the child is now healing from her wounds and we hope that her torturers are prosecuted for their crimes.

Religious and community leaders in many parts of Nigeria still label children as “witches” due to reasons such as autism or any behaviour that is perceived as “abnormal”.
Several non-profits are working to stamp out this stigma and bring an end to this terrible issue.

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