Flashy Bleast Autograph Event Center For Shutting Down His Event THE Unleashing Of The Beast. Read More Here

It’s obvious that the reasons behind poor growth in the port Harcourt city entertainment scene can be describe as a chronic infection, our artistes running away from home to establish themselves better in other entertainment enabled environment, port Harcourt city for sometimes now has being syncing efforts of young talented and promising arts determined to push their game to the next level
Just in this month of May, a friend of mine who’s into music had an event tagged THE UNLEASHING OF THE BEAST which recorded a very high turn up of his audience 1000+ adults
In recent time conceding the fact that music and entertainment/show biz rating is low in the city; the young talent came through with something new and was intercepted by people who merely know nothing about his journey so far.
Couldn’t imagine what the youngster famously known as FLASHY the art in question who was humiliated on his most remarkable day that he has gathered people to celebrate his uprising success and due to 5 percent of rental fee yet to be remitted to the premises owners his event was shut down against his will and wish of his event organizers.
After receiving huge part of the money from the event organizers, not even respecting the presence of the crowd audience still went further to shut down power generator and ask people to leave the premises. This is totally an unfair treat to humanity and another unfair way to do business if you ask me; I believe that there should be more other polite ways to tackle this issue instead of shutting down the event.
I believe that the AUTOGRAPH EVENT CENTER located at 30/33 abacha road GRA port Harcourt management team was too inequitable to this young growing talent whom I feel should be encouraged
This incident keeps me wondering the relevance of the PMAN in Rivers State

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