​Ace comedian, Hon. JBoy took out to say his mind on his Facebook wall about the Rivers State government and how they treat entertainers, pointing out what is happens of most importance in other neighboring states in Nigeria. Read below 
 “Information! Information!! Information!!! Let me bring 2 a concluding end on dis matter making d rounds in my proud state of rivers…..pls note dat every tribe & state has wat dey are known….eg: abuja is known 4 politics, Lagos is definitely known 4 entertainment while pH is known 4 militancy, dats y d govt is more interested in supporting militants dan supporting entertainment…..
So if ure an entertainer based in rivers state just 4get about dis govt and keep doing ur tin tenures cum and go and like a very senior colleague of mine said everybody has dia Governor…..
 Some of us were very happy wen d last govt left office bcos we thought dis govt will carry entertainers along but dat was not d case, and mind u 4 those of u dat always say ignore d govt and work hard let me quickly ans u: d reason y entertainers cannot ignore d govt is bcos rivers state economy is strictly driven by d govt not d private sector as it were in lagos, so without d govt entertainment will perish and we all know better soup wetin kill am? I tink we all know d and 2 dat…..
I know 4 a fact dat dis govt does not give a f*ck about entertainment, so let’s just patiently wait 4 d next govt…..infact as longs as governor Wike is concerned if ure not talking politics ure talking nonsense…..
I so rest my case…#justsayingmyown #mymind #notyours”

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