Doing a song with some Port-Harcourt “A LIST ARTISTES” is like wasting of Resources and Energy – POPULAR BLOGGER SPEAKS OUT

It is too bad the way and perspective some Phcity artistes that that have made it to limelight in one way or the other make the upcoming artistes feel about them; that is the mentality that keeps pulling phcity entertainment industry backward thereby placing it where it is today.
The truth must be told, we are not supportive at all to each other, everyone want to be a boss over everyone, then how would that work? You have to be loyal to somebody for someone to be loyal to you.

Someone calls you to do a song with you and you think it’s for play? Have you ever ask yourself or thought about “WHY THE PERSON WANTS TO FEATURE YOU IN HIS OR HER SONG” and maybe after paying you or taking care of your logistics for the song to be done, after recording or doing the song you abandon it only the owner. It’s too bad!
Then the purpose for featuring you or doing a song with you is not fulfilled, as a popular or as a good musician when someone features you, you also contribute to the promotion and publication of that song in your own quota, Call Radio/Tv stations within your reach to play the song because you are part of the song. Call bloggers/Media houses to post, hype and promote the song, no man is an island.

None of the big artistes you know today made it only on his/her own; someone was there to support either as a Record Label, Group of Friends, Politician, Philanthropist, Parents, Siblings and so on just as the case may be.

I must say this about 80% of Phcity based featured artistes hardly or do not get/download, promote/share hear/listen to the song they are being featured in after the immediate recording of the song, then tell me what kinda artiste are you? Someone calls you to shoot the video of a song you are been featured and you perform awfully (IN THE SENSE THAT YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE SONG TOO WELL BECAUSE YOU ONLY HEARD IT ONES ON THE DAY OF IT’S PRODUCTION ONLY) and yet you blame it on phcity video Directors, if I catch you eh say you blame Phcity video Directors of poor or nonstandard video from Port-Harcourt, you dey form boss you no get swag…
Apart from few artistes that have done wonderfully well to distinguish themselves from other Phcity artistes thereby keeping to standard and maintaining it, it is too bad that over four (4) years we haven’t heard any hit song in Portharcourt that made wave massively around the country and globally apart from some Phcity – Lagos based acts.

NO BE COURSE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS BUT IF E PROVOKE YOU, I urge you to do more in portharcourt to make it a better place for entertainment, let’s rethink and change our ways, mindsets in other to move Phcity entertainment industry to greater heights thereby making it attractive for Record Labels, Entertainment Companies and Investors to come in and invest and do business in.

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