Why People Look Ugly - Omowunmi Akinnifesi, Ex-MBGN queen

In the year 2005 silver best grouped crowned of one its most charming queens in the history of it Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, called Omowunmi Akinnifesi.
Years later she still capturing and turning heads from male and female admirers. Though ever smiling beauty has added a few pounds and she was ask of her ever youthful looks and beauty; and her response was profound and deep.
The added weight was deliberate because I wanted to fill up a little bit. It’s a sign that I’m really taking care of myself. I have a very good heart, thanks be to God.
I sleep peacefully. I forgive people who wronged me and when I wrong people, I also ask for their forgiveness. Nothing makes me ugly inside or outside because I have a peace off mind. When you see people not looking good, it’s because they are worrying or they are holding a bit of heaviness inside.
Once you have a light and forging mind, you would always look beautiful no matter what your physicality is like. You will always radiate. That is what makes me radiate.; it’s the peace of mind and favour from God.” Submitted

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