Man With No b*tt Crack Shares His b*tt On Social Media

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A man who lost his b*tt crack to an unpleasant disease has shared his story of life without his b*tt crack.

The user with the username ‘TBoneTheOriginal’, took to Reddit to share
his abnormality, which is caused by severe pilonidal cysts.
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The condition causes painful cysts to occur at the bottom of the tailbone and they can become infected and full of pus.

He said:”I’ve had multiple surgeries on it
and instead of the usual procedure which involves letting it heal, mine
was so bad that a plastic surgeon had to close it up,” he said.
“They keep coming back, and it’ll probably just get worse as I age.”
“My b*tt hole looks the same as anyone else’s! The wound just goes very close to it.”
The image he uploaded alongside the question and answer session shows his back and bum reflected in the mirror.

There is  the scar which closed up his intergluteal crease bum crack.

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