“Laughter is a lubricant and is expected, and it’s really hard not to do it.” Making people laugh has the potential to make the joke teller feel a bit better, too. “This is totally therapeutic for me, haha.”

Comedy is more than just a pleasant way to pass an evening, humour more than something to amuse.

Well when it’s comes to humour I sure would say it’s a unique talent I feel only special people possess…

he city of Port Harcourt where I am based also known as Pitakwa, the treasure base of Nigeria, the capital of River State, named after Lewis Vernon Harcourt is Nigeria’s largest urban center, rich in greenery and that’s why she’s referred to as “Garden city.” Considering the diverse history and culture in River State Cultural, over the years the city of Port Harcourt have conquered different sectors and industries but failed to notice something, “The Entertainment industry.”

So, I was given a window of opportunity to sit in at the Joshua King -OUT OF MY MIND, which featured more of comedians and a touch of music artists. A Lot of dignitaries, Port harcourt people, comedy enthusiasts were in attendance.   DATE: Sunday 27 of February, 2022


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