Misplaced Virtue -- written by Preharry Laura

 Misplaced Virtue

Back in the days; not too long ago, married women were loyal to their husbands who had two or more wives. I’m sure in most of the families back then, there was envy and enmity and maybe struggle for attention which is common among women. 

Back then, people only used letter writing format to send and receive messages and they listened to broadcast messages at a specific time through their radio or television for those who had one and other times, news just spread from one person to another and then From there it travels far and wide. 

Life seemed easier and less complicated for our parents except for the fact They were just recovering from a war.  
Families lived in peace except for minor issues that can be settled amongst themselves. 

Time went on; days, weeks, months, and years.. Things changed or maybe life changed humans. Civilization crept in and made humans wiser and exposed them to a lot of things. 

Married women use to be submissive and prayerful, guiding their marriage and family. 
Teenagers use to be scared of doing things that would provoke the wrath of their parents, they use to be respectful and fearful in most cases.

There are a lot of other changes amongst humans, especially with the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic and its associated impact on individuals, groups, and societies in general. 

Who then takes the blame for it? Who is responsible for the high rate of divorce in our society today? Who is to be blamed for the high rate of teenage pregnancy? Who is going to take the blame for the high rate of kidnap for ransom, and other forms of money rituals bedeviling our societies?.

What do you think can be done to salvage this situation in our society?  
What remedy would you use if you were in a position to salvage this situation?


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